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The NE Meter utilizes some of the most advanced true RMS metering technology

available in today’s market. With Carbon Footprint Reporting, an auto-ranging

power supply, and Wi-Fi communication capabilities, the New Era Meter is ideally

suited for any metering or sub-metering application.


Standard Features

  • kW, kWh, kVA or kVAR
  • Auto-Ranging Power Supply
  • Field Diagnostics
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Split Core CTs
  • Non-Volatile Memory


Optional Features (Only available if indicated on box of picture)

  • Wi-Fi / Ethernet Communications
  • Carbon Footprint Reporting
  • Pulse Input
  • KYZ Pulse Output
  • Demand Threshold Pulse Output
  • Data Recorder
  • Software Program


Operating Range:

Voltage: 96 - 528 Volts (absolute)

Current: 100 - 5000 Amp Transformers

Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz

Temperature: -40C to +85C

Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing


Accuracy:                                     Unity Power Factor                                     50% Power Factor

Test Amps/30                                                     0.2%                                                                    0.5%

Test Amps                                                             0.1%                                                                    0.4%



  • Current Circuit: Phase A, B, C 1VA max
  • Voltage Circuit: Phase A    8.6VA max
  • Power Circuit: Phase B & C    0.24 VA max.


Insulation, Surge Protection and Performance:

Conforms to ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.20

ANSI / IEEE C37.90.1 - 1989

IEC 801-4 (4kV) 1988

FCC Part 15 and FCC 68


Type: Metal Oxide Varistors line to neutral and neutral to ground



  • 480 VAC RMS continuous
  • 4400V peak fast transient
  • 4000A peak transient



  • GE Lexan 5V Fire Rating
  • NEMA 4X Rating


Communication: ANSI C.12.18, ANSI C.12.19

New Era (NE-5000) 400 AMP Surface Mount Sub Meter

SKU: NE-5000-400
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